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Metropolis Publishing was created  as a boutique publishing house, whose goal is to deliver first rate material to audiences around the globe. Here we highlight Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe: The Final Word and hope you have the opportunity to read and purchase this renowned and international bestseller autographed for yourself or a loved one.


Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe: The Final Word is offered as an authentique and notarized copy of the book new or lovingly used. All book offerings pass the original First Edition test by the author herself, Adela Gregory!  


One of the goals, aside from giving fans a complete expose’, is to bypass those involved with piracy of the First Edition of the book about the illustrious actress/producer, Marilyn Monroe. 


This book is a cumulative effort, totaling over 60 years of intensive detective work and research, by international bestselling authors and investigators Adela Gregory and Detective Milo Speriglio, to accurately detail the life and death of Miss Monroe. Details of her life and death have been copied in many other books relating to the comedienne and actress.  Monroe’s career spanned only 17 years but the leading lady left an impressive resume, acting and producing as well as a legacy that shall go unmatched.   


Adela Gregory was fortunate to maintain a 10-year relationship with a renowned studio make-up artist. Allan “Whitey” Snyder  As he worked for Miss Monroe on almost every film for 17 years and became her closest confidante and friend until her death.  “Whitey” was introduced to the ingénue during her first screen test at 20th Century Fox.  He was ever faithful to Miss Monroe, and gave his word to do her make-up even after death.  Whitey and his wife, Marge, who was also Miss Monroe’s stylist and studio dresser, became close friends with Miss Gregory to such depths that when Whitey passed away, Marge requested that Adela write his obituary for international release.  Ms. Gregory did so.  Their intimate and cherished relationship with Ms. Gregory released first hand details, to the author, never known before of Marilyn Monroe’s personal and professional life, including details of her relationship with her famed ex-husbands; New York Yankees legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio and playwright, Arthur Miller.  Whitey spent close to 3,500 hours either on the phone or in the couple’s home in Washington State with Marge, where she amassed critical details to the award-winning actress’s life and death.


The author, Adela Gregory, also became a close friend and confidante with famed Monroe photographer, George Barris and  famed Life Magazine staff journalist and photographer, Leigh Wiener. Both men contributed to Miss Gregory’s investigation of the murder of Marilyn Monroe.


Adela Gregory partnered with the late-famed international detective and author, Milo Speriglio, whose previous best-selling Simon & Schuster blockbuster, The Marilyn Conspiracy, paved the way for the groundbreaking collaboration between Gregory & Speriglio in Crypt 33. Speriglio was the owner of Nick Harris Detective Agency which represented such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando and solved the murder of actress, Natelie Wood among many high-profile people. Speriglio also maintained a detective school and educated upwards of 10,000 hopefuls  in California.


Crypt 33 is a “must read” for all those who respect and love the late actress and still don't understand the depth and breadth of her life and death. The books written about Marylin Monroe have been confusing and contained contradictory information, some of which were purposefully written to attempt to undermine and whitewash the bare facts   not limited to Shopify.  Crypt 33 unabashedly clarifies the facts and details with an astounding, intensive, well-researched, intimate portrait of the life and death of the late superstar as well as the cover-up that continues to follow.


Cyril Wecht, M.D.,JD, being the foremost international forensic pathologist and attorney,  conducted over 3,500 autopsies including high-profile personalities including Elvis Presley and assassinated President John F. Kennedy, spectacularly theorized that “there was more than one gunman”, and coined the phrase the “Magic Bullet Theory”.  While  testifying to Congress during a hearing in the Capital of the United States, Wecht publicly “mocked” the official Warren Commission’s conclusion that the death of the President  was “due to a lone assassin”.  Wecht concluded and publicly stated that Ms. Gregory’s, arm-length autopsy, included in Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe - The Final Word, is the “Best autopsy of Marilyn Monroe” and that indeed the actress was a victim of foul play.


The Heart of Our Mission

It has come to our  attention that several national and international booksellers are involved with forging the signature of Adela Gregory on First Editions of Crypt 33 and pirated reproductions, and have translated the book into different languages without Metropolis Publishing Ltd. or Adela Gregory’s express authorization or permission. These forgeries have been made available by third party sellers including Abe Books and their subsidiaries and other many successful  online stores. Buyers must be aware of these unauthorized solicitations. Hopefully, these actions by Metropolis Publishing and Adela Gregory will deter, undercut, and impede forgers and pirate book sellers operating worldwide in their criminal activities.


The authentic and original First Edition is now rare and in short supply and being made available on this website.  Every book purchase and signature is authenticated and notarized for the buyer. Metropolis Publishing, Ltd. guarantees it will officially authenticate the book as a First Edition and the signature to the buyer; not available from other book sellers.


We are in the process of updating the book, as Milo and Adela always desired to do so before his untimely death, and it will include many current events, including detailing how “OTHERS” interested in attempting to undermine the conclusions in the book have attempted to quash the truth about Marilyn Monroe’s life and demise.  As the scarcity of the book is becoming a reality, an updated Second Edition will  be available soon. E-books are still available on all other e-book sellers if you prefer reading books on a device and are not interested in an autographed or personally signed to a loved one of the First Edition.


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